söndag 5 maj 2019

Tank Fenders Chainguard and more to Ducati 175 TS

 All the red parts for a 175 Ducati, high quality paintjob.
 All parts on the Pictures price 1000 euro.
 We may also have other parts for a 175 TS
There is also an baking paper with the White parts on the tank modeled from the original paint.
Picture shows the model that the parts are intended for.

onsdag 19 december 2018

SOLD Ducati 125 Sport Special 1960 SOLD

This bike is sold
The Ducati 125 Sport special have just finished a restoration. We have tested it and it runs OK but will be even better with some fine tuning of carburetor and ignition. We can´t test it further for the moment as we have snow here.
 The model was only sold in Swden to our knowledge and is rare here, in the rest of the world it is almost unseen.
 In Sweden Before 1969 sixteen year olds were allowed to drive "light" motorcycles. Regulations for this was maximum 75 kilograms with filled fuel tank. The tank can only hold 3,5 liter of petrol.
This was the only fourstroke that a Swedish sixteen year old could ride in the fifties and sixties.

Price is 4500 euro.

torsdag 2 augusti 2018

SRM 500cc long track

 Engine SRM
In 1948 the SRM was designed by Folke Mannerstedt who also constructed the famous racing Husqvarna V-Twins Before the war.
The SRM had 3 hp more than the JAP, revved 500 rpm more and is 10 kilos lighter. The most famous SRM was used by norwegian champion Leif "Basse" Hveem in longtrack where he won almost everytime he raced against the Scandinavian elite.
Engine is totally renovated and ready to start with some work with Cables, hoses  etc.
Exhaust pipe is missing

Gearbox Drott Two speed
Clutch Norton

This bike is built in Sweden by Bror Östlund. Engine has been used by finnish driver, Leo Rompanen.
 The bike will need some work if you want to race it but all the expensive parts are there.
 Price 7500 euro
Can deliver the bike for a reasonable price.

fredag 20 juli 2018

Rudge Multi Project

Unfinnished Rudge Multi 1911-1922 Project, all parts except engine is replicaparts made for about 25 years ago.
Parts included, frame, fork, stand, handlebar, rear rim with spokes.
Engine is in unkown state, number 11165.
Price 4500 euro

onsdag 13 juni 2018

SRM Speedway engine

SRM Speedway Engine built from NOS parts and completed with new made parts from original pattern by well known Husqvarna V-Twin replica fabricator Gösta Svensson.
The Engine has never been started.
SRM stands for Svensk (Swedish) Racer Motor and they were constructed by Folke Mannerstedt made in small numbers in the late forties. The use of magnesium made the engine very light, about 10 kilos less than the JAP speedway Engine but it was a bit fragile. Norwegian driver and tuner Basse Hveem was probably the most successful user and took many victorys in Scandinavian Long track races with his SRM, he was called the "King of Solvalla" after numerous wins at the biggest race in Sweden.
It is equipped with a BTH magneto, carburator is missing.
Price Engine 6900 euro

Drott Long Track or Ice Racing 2 speed gearbox, NOS, never used, 950 euro, the Drott gearbox is sold, no longer available.

torsdag 7 juni 2018

Frontwheel Fontana 180 mm

 Replica hub from Italy, Akront 18"x1,85. Manufactured around 2010. Sold with plates, cables and lever.
Works ok but new liners would probably make it better if you want to race with he wheel.
Price 1200 euro

onsdag 25 april 2018

Sold TWN BDG 250 1952 Sold

This bike is now sold

Top Quality renovation done for twenty years ago. After the work was done it has been in a museum since.
Only driven about 10 kilometers after renovation so it will probably need some adjustment Before it runs perfect.

Been in the same family since 1956 and there are some documentation coming with the TWN including original riders manual, receipts and more.

Price 4900 euro