torsdag 28 juli 2016

SOLD Kurt Ivan Carlsson GP Yamaha 350cc SOLD

This bike is now SOLD

350 1972, ex. Kurt Ivan Carlsson Carlsson was
3rd in world championship 1971 and built this for 1972 season.

Frame is made by Carlsson, according to him the bike weighed in at 95 kg in 1972 with the original wheels fitted then. The bike is running and is fast.
The clutch is slipping though.
The Kurt Ivan Carlsson bike has a TR2B engine.
It has matching numbers with the frame 720101 and was bought
by the danish yamaha importer. Carlsson tuned it and it was very fast in
72 but lost the edge when the first factory TZ appeared. It can be
delivered with Yamaha TD3 frontwheel and fork instead of the Seeley forks and
Fontana that are fitted now. Carlsson didn´t have the best season in 1972 but
managed to take best a 5th place in the spanish GP on this bike in world
championship race 1972.

Historically interesting bike, I have talked with Carlsson about it and he can confirm that it is his own genuine racebike. This is a bike that will be welcomed to the big meetings by the organizers.
The Yamaha hasn´t been run for about ten years and will need some service before racing.

Price 11000 euro

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