söndag 20 september 2015

Sold!!! Metal Profiles Fork 35mm Sold!!!

 Unused Metal Profiles telefork 35 mm, lenght about 720mm.
This kind of fork was used on the factory Husqvarna ridden by Torsten Hallman and many others.
The fork pictured comes from an infinished Classic racer Project, I have no further info about it.
 Price, this fork is sold
Text is taken from internet. 
M.P. 675 Telefork. Suitable for 250c.c. to 500c.c.
Road Racing and Street Models
Specification:4.25" movement. 27" long
Weight 18lbs - Standard Model.

Trials and Moto Cross
Specification:6.75" movement. 31.5" long
Weight 20.5lbs - Standard Model.
For use under extreme conditions
A heavy duty linered inner leg can be supplied at additional cost

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