torsdag 2 augusti 2018

SRM 500cc long track

 Engine SRM
In 1948 the SRM was designed by Folke Mannerstedt who also constructed the famous racing Husqvarna V-Twins Before the war.
The SRM had 3 hp more than the JAP, revved 500 rpm more and is 10 kilos lighter. The most famous SRM was used by norwegian champion Leif "Basse" Hveem in longtrack where he won almost everytime he raced against the Scandinavian elite.
Engine is totally renovated and ready to start with some work with Cables, hoses  etc.
Exhaust pipe is missing

Gearbox Drott Two speed
Clutch Norton

This bike is built in Sweden by Bror Östlund. Engine has been used by finnish driver, Leo Rompanen.
 The bike will need some work if you want to race it but all the expensive parts are there.
 Price 7500 euro
Can deliver the bike for a reasonable price.

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