torsdag 17 december 2015

SOLD Harley Davidson VL 1200 1935 with sidecar SOLD

Most likely an old renovation, has been in the swedish register since 1975 and are well used after that. The engine has new cylinderliners recently and it runs well.

The Harley looks almost like it is an old original unrenovated bike so it is possible to use it like it is wich I would do. It is also possible to renovate it again as it won´t be an original paint job that will be ruined.

I have made a little trip on the Harley for about 40 km in -10 C and it worked ok.

After we cleaned the bike and it looked better then I expected. I filmed after the wash and you can see the movie at the link below. I have tried to film the damages on the paintjob. It is a little wet so it is probably more shiny then in real life.

After driving it I can give this verdict.

Was ok but I think it could be much better with an overhaul, it has been used a lot for many years. Engine sound nice but could probably be better with some carburation and ignition adjustment. Clutch is slipping at third gear, may be adjustable, gearbox works fine. Electrical seems to work a little intermittent, system worked three days ago but not today, the switch besides the ignition switch is said by the former owner to be working and not working, today it was not. I think I would fix this first, the wiring looks like it could be original.

Chassie is working ok, it feels very loose when it is just standing still and you shake the handlebars but when driving it works fine.

The paint job I think was made by a good painter long time ago, pinstriping is masked not by brush.

We can arrange delivery around the world.
 Price , this bike is now sold.

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